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Professional, efficient and value for money repair and maintenance services. Our Mercedes specialists provide expert diagnosis, professional repairs and maintenance for all models.

Mercedes Tuning & Performance Upgrades

We specialize in helping you upgrade and modify your vehicle in a way that improves your enjoyment yet, maintains the high quality of the vehicle you drive.


We understand that when you purchase a Mercedes-Benz automobile, you are making an investment in a vehicle known for its incomparable luxury and one of the highest quality brands ever produced. And when you own an outstanding vehicle, you want to use an outstanding service partner.

Our staff takes exceptional care of the Mercedes-Benz cars we service and the people who drive them. Our commitment to training and our use of OEM and OE quality parts is why so many Mercedes-Benz owners count on us to provide only the finest care of their cars. Our friendly staff and commitment to customer satisfaction is why they keep coming back. We combine our knowledge of Mercedes vehicles and our love of working on them to keep your vehicle performing at its peak.

We are fully equipped to provide both A-Service & B-Service recommended scheduled maintenance for your Mercedes-Benz. A-Service maintenance is recommended after your vehicle’s first 10,000 miles and B-Service is suggested after the vehicle’s first 20,000 miles.


Mercedes are known for their sleek look, their comfortability when driving, and their status, but what about under the hood? Bob’s Auto Body & Auto Repair is your partner in preventative maintenance and unexpected maintenance for all your Mercedes needs. There are many problems for each car, but some of the top known issues for Mercedes include:

  • Rust: This is one of the main issues with Mercedes. It’s better to be safe than sorry and allow Bob’s Auto Body & Auto Repair to act as soon as possible to prevent rust on your vehicle. Bring your car in for an inspection.
  • Engine Mounts: Your engine mounts are a vital part of your car under the hood, because their purpose is to prevent vibrations moving into the inside of your car. Al Hafner Tuning suggests these to be inspected regularly, and replaced every 100,000 miles.
  • Suspension and Steering Components: In Mercedes with over 100,000 miles, the ball joints, sway bar link, and control arm bushings will likely need to be replaced by the Mercedes specialists at Bob’s Auto Body & Auto Repair before they will pass any inspections.
  • Window Regulator: It’s easy to roll down the windows at a drive-through, or if you’re cruising and enjoying the nice weather outside. Too often though, the hard work of the window regulators is overlooked and can be pricey if the issue is fixed once it’s too late.
  • Catalytic Converters: This is an issue in many car types, rather than just Mercedes, so it is wise to be prepared with preventative maintenance to avoid higher costs and extra repairs. Some Mercedes can require a catalytic converter replacement as early as 60,000 miles, don’t let the wellness of your car slip through the cracks – schedule with Bob’s Auto Body & Auto Repair today.

For any further questions about common Mercedes issues, feel free to call Bob’s Auto Body & Auto Repair or stop by to schedule an appointment with our Mercedes professionals providing unparalleled customer service and repairs to the car you love. Be sure and check out our blog to learn more about vehicle personalization and how to care for your Mercedes.


A Class, C Class, E Class, G Class, G Wagon, s Class, SL, AMG, Maybach, Sprinter and V Class vans.

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