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Don’t Let Potholes Put A Hole In Your Wallet

Hitting a pothole with your car can do a real number on tires, wheels, steering, suspension, and alignment.

Potholes occur when water permeates the pavement – usually through a crack – and softens the soil beneath it, creating a depression in the surface of the street. Many potholes appear during winter and spring months because of freeze-thaw cycles, which accelerate the process. Potholes can also be prevalent in areas with excessive rainfall and flooding.

Parking Tips For Car Lovers!

One way to avoid door dings is to remove other drivers from the equation. Park in less populated areas further away from the door. Know your most frequented parking lot’s general traffic flow and use this knowledge to protect your car.

Try to park at the end of parking rows to reduce door dings on both sides. Although you may not be able to avoid all door dings this will help keep your car looking beautiful and new.

Simple Steps to Save Gas Without Driving Less

Gas prices are up, everywhere! To save money on fuel without having to impact your present lifestyle, try these tips…

NO jackrabbit starts! Your vehicle uses the most fuel when accelerating.

If you accelerate slowly, you can minimize the surge of fuel to meet the demands of getting rolling. In fact, if you can keep your vehicle moving and reduce the need for stops, you’ll save even more.


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