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Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips
  1. Get to know your owner’s manual. There’s important information in there, like tire pressures, maintenance schedules, and other manufacturer recommendations.
  2. Watch your tire pressures.  The amount of air (or today, nitrogen) in your tires can affect how your car drives, the fuel mileage, braking distance…and of course, tread wear.  So, keep pressures where they should be, and your ride will be safe, and smooth.
  3. Inspect your air filter regularly, and replace it if it’s dirty or decomposing. If you’re in a dry dusty area, or in wet conditions often, you’ll need to change it more often.
  4. Did someone say “wet conditions”? Replace your wipers…all of them…at the beginning of your rain or snow season. There’s nothing worse than having a wiper fall apart and SCRATCH your window!
  5. Everyone knows about oil changes, but when was the last time you had your brake fluid changed? Brake fluid gets “tired” over time and needs to be replaced about every two years.
  6. Transmission filter and fluid…if you don’t remember having it serviced, it’s time.  A new filter and fresh fluid will prevent damage to your transmission, and will ensure a long service life.
  7. While we’re at it, when was the last time your cooling system was serviced?  If there’s no leaks, a fresh gallon or two of coolant will prevent corrosion and keep your engine cool and your heater hot!
  8. Fluids and filters can be part of scheduled maintenance, which can soften the impact on your wallet. So, call Bob's Auto Body at (708) 388-3993 and make arrangements to have your vehicle inspected, and get started with a schedule that makes sense for your car and budget.
  9. Chassis.  It needs to be lubricated, and checked for wear. There are several areas, including steering linkage, u-joints, and suspension mounts.
  10. Check that serpentine belt! If it’s cracked or chipped, it won’t slither along properly. Replace it if damaged.
  11. STOP!  Brakes are important, too. Whenever your wheels are removed, have a quick inspection of the pads and rotors. Replace when necessary.
  12. GO! Your fuel system needs cleaning from time to time. Replace the filter as scheduled, and have the injectors cleaned if a drop-off in performance is noticed.
  13. Keep your interior clean. Trash or other debris rolling around the floor could lead to a loss of control.
  14. Exterior car care products come in a variety of styles and brands.  Find some that you like and keep them on hand so you can keep your car clean at all times.
  15. Better yet, consider getting a monthly pass to your local car wash. You’ll avoid the need for car care products, and you’ll reduce your exterior car care cost to about $1 per day.
  16. Your car gets cold, too! Make sure you give it plenty of time to heat up and check your tire pressure every morning. Colder weather causes tires to drop in pressure.
  17. MOST IMPORTANT – Have Bob's Auto Body inspect your car and get you set up on a maintenance schedule. We’re trained to look for any signs of wear, stress or damage, and will keep your vehicle in safe and reliable operating condition.

Drivers should stock an emergency kit with an ice scraper and snowbrush, jumper cables, flashlight, blanket, extra clothes, bottled water, dry food snacks and needed medication. Bob's Auto Body also recommends a thorough vehicle inspection to be as safe as possible in the rough weather. Make your appointment now or call (708) 388-3993 and we’ll get started helping you have a safe, reliable car that’s always ready to go when you are!